I used to think I was nothing

My art journey led me to a profound spiritual awakening.

About 15 years ago, I struggled with low self-worth and social anxiety. I often felt out of place in social settings because I lacked "common knowledge"—basic information about politics, history, and current events. To avoid embarrassment, I stopped asking questions and started pretending I understood, which only deepened my feelings of isolation.

To hide the sense of emptiness—the "zero" I thought I was—I became intensely focused on how others saw me, meticulously adjusting my appearance and behaviour to align with their expectations, or at least what I believed they expected. This made it hard to form deep connections with others, because I didn't have the capacity to see them for who they were and their own internal world. I was too busy upholding my own defence.

Then, in 2011, I discovered painting. It became a way to explore my inner world and rebuild my sense of self, piece by piece. Through art, I found the courage to let go of my need to please others and very gradually began to create from a place of authenticity. This process led to a spiritual awakening, where I felt connected to something bigger than myself. I had always been an atheist, but I couldn't ignore the deep feeling that this art was coming through me with a message, rather than just from me. And that the more I connected to my authentic self in the artistic expression, the more connected I felt to whatever this was.

Now, my art reflects my journey towards inner alignment and self-acceptance. I believe in helping others through their own journey back to themselves.

My story is about embracing authenticity, finding self-worth beyond achievements, and connecting with a deeper sense of purpose. Because if there is one thing I feel deeply sure about is that the world is a better place if you are YOU!

Thank you for visiting my page. I hope my art and story inspire you to embrace your true self and set your spirit free.

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