3.800,00 NOK


Oil painting on wooden panel, 25 x 20 cm, including a black frame. Ready to hang on the wall, but can also sit independently on a surface. 

The price includes the original price plus a 5% art fee, as required by Norwegian law.

Symbolism of the artwork "Letting go"

Treasure who you are, but have the courage to let go for the sake of who you're becoming. It can be hard to release old beliefs and ways of thinking—it can feel like admitting you were wrong, which can threaten your ego. But letting go is actually just growth. Every past version of yourself, every viewpoint you've held, has led you to who you are today and who you'll be tomorrow. Letting go might seem like a heavy price to pay, but the freedom and power you gain from it are far more valuable than holding on just to soothe your ego. It's okay to change your mind, it just shows strength.