Discover Your

voice & purpose

as an artist

Its time to ignite your art with your soul

In this 6-week program, we will discover your unique voice as an artist (psst.. also for you who don't dare to call yourself an artist yet). Using the spiritual guidance of Tarot along with my coaching, we will explore your life journey, address your desires and fears, and create clarity for your inner compass to align with your true North.

This will allow your life purpose to flow through you into your art, leading to your artistic style naturally developing as a result.

Each week we meet for 1 hour through a video call and you will receive exercises between each session. Get a peak below at the program.

The program ("+" for info)

Week 1 Your story

We dive into your personal story. What you have been through in your life that has shaped who you are today.

Week 2 Your deepest desires

Imagine standing at the top of a cliff facing away from the edge, free from worry and ready to let yourself lean back.

This drop represents all that you could ever dream of within your art. What does this evoke for you? What would you lean back into?

What is in your way?

How does fear manifest in your creative process?

Week 3 The true driving force behind your art

When we remove all fear-driven choices, obstacles, and resistance from your art process and aspirations, and you embrace your true authentic self, what becomes the driving force behind your art?

Alternatively, what are you safeguarding or concealing, and why?


Week 4 Your art through the eyes of symbolism

We take a step back and reflect on your work (current and/or desired art) symbolically, in the light of your journey so far.

Your art holds visual clues and you will see how it all fits. It will strengthen your understanding of your voice as an artist and your purpose.

Week 5 Accessing your intuition for art to flow through you

Making choices within the artistic process can be difficult due to the mind chatter and all the ways your brain can talk you out of things.

We empower you to access your intuition so that art can flow effortlessly through you.

Intuition is the guiding force that helps you make choices from a place of authenticity and connection with your deepest desires and your soul.

Week 6 Please yourself to please others

It is easy to fall into a pattern of creating art for external validation, to please others or to fit what you think might sell.

In this final week we explore why art that you create from a place of curiosity and authenticity is what will also give you exactly that- external validation and sales.

I wish to leave you understanding how to keep following what you long for and to not fear change to keep yourself fulfilled. We will dive into how that can come up as a challenge for you and how to overcome it. Because we need your authentic art voice in this world.

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Complete your purchase below, and I'll contact you via email within 24 hours to schedule our weekly sessions. We'll arrange a regular time that suits us both during working hours, Monday to Friday, between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Central European Time. Once we agree on a suitable time, we'll meet via Google Meet.

If you have any questions or specific scheduling preferences, feel free to email me at

I look forward to connecting with you!