Lene Fredriksen

About Lene Fredriksen

I am a Norwegian artist and art coach, living and painting in Oslo alongside my little family of two kids and an Aussie husband. I recently left a career in science to follow my true calling and dedicate myself to art full-time.

I paint "the soul beneath the layers and the path to set it free"

With oil paint as my main medium I create animal paintings infused with spiritual messages that I hope can lead you on a journey back home to your truest self. Each animal I depict along with the other elements of nature carry symbolism that aligns with the underlying message, guiding you to connect with your inner essence.

Creating a world with more empathy and tolerance begins with just that, for ourselves.

My paintings capture an exciting blend of abstraction and realism that makes me feel free in the process and allows the art to flow through.

What might it look like to not be free?

As we go through life, we learn to adjust how we express ourselves, what we think, and even which emotions we show, hide or suppress. All because we are social beings with a fundamental need to feel accepted.

We tend to believe that trauma only comes from major events. However, being told to "go to your room until you're happy again" can teach us that we need to change who we are to be loved. That feels traumatic because it leads us to go through feelings of inadequacy giving rise to a belief that we aren't good enough.

This can create fear-driven "layers" between us and our true selves, guarded by shame and prompting us to build defences to protect against perceived flaws.

These defences can turn into coping mechanisms like people-pleasing to gain approval, harsh self-criticism or judging others to lift ourselves up, passive-aggression to release pent-up emotions. These behaviours aim to keep us safe but end up distancing us from our authentic selves and make it hard to form deep connections with others.

I used to think I had nothing of value

My art journey led me to a profound spiritual awakening. About 15 years ago, I struggled with...

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