3.800,00 NOK


Oil painting on cradled wood panel 20 x 25 cm. The cradle is about 3,7 cm deep and the edges are painted so that it looks good with or without a frame on the wall. Ready to hang.

The price includes the original price plus a 5% art fee, as required by Norwegian law.

Symbolism of the artwork "Born to be free"

What is your deepest calling? What do you feel born to lean into?

Your freedom lies on the other side of fear. As we age, our fears tend to deepen, creating barriers that protect our innermost selves. Embracing vulnerability isn't a weakness; it takes real strength and courage. By being courageous, you can break down those barriers, allowing your true purpose to shine and living a heart-led life. What lessons could your playful, inner child share with you?