2.500,00 NOK


Oil painting on wooden panel, 15 x 15 cm. The black/dark grey frame is included and the painting is ready to hang on the wall or independently sit on a surface.

The price includes the original price plus a 5% art fee, as required by Norwegian law.

Symbolism of the artwork "Curiosity"

I absolutely love magpies. Not just for their intelligence and beauty, but for their curiosity.

I used to get anxious in social situations, but I've since learned that leaning into curiosity can turn discomfort into something more manageable, even intriguing.

When you feel that familiar tension, what can you think to spark your curiosity? Curiosity shifts your focus away from your internal chatter and toward something new. It invites you to explore, learn, and engage with the world, or your art for that matter, in a more open and less stressful way.

Remember that you can shift your emotional state through the thoughts you think.