7.700,00 NOK


Oil painting on cradled wood panel, 40 x 50 cm. The cradle is about 3,7 cm deep and the edges are painted so that it looks good with or without a frame on the wall. Ready to hang.

The price includes the original price plus a 5% art fee, as required by Norwegian law.

Symbolism of the artwork "Find your centre"

The spiral that emerges from the heart of the charming bear cub represents the cyclical nature of life, where certain experiences tend to reappear. Yet, this spiral doesn't imply stagnation just because it is a circle. As you find your inner center through self-acceptance, these recurring themes are approached from a higher vantage point, allowing for greater understanding and enlightenment for yourself and others.

At the core of the spiral is a galaxy, symbolising the profound connection to the universe and the spirit. This imagery suggests that when you fully embrace all aspects of yourself you find your centre and tap into a deeper resonance with the cosmos. By centring yourself, you undergo a transformation into your authentic self, experiencing a harmonious unity with the spiritual realm.