6.000,00 NOK

// SOLD //


Oil on cradled wood panel, 30 x 40 cm. The cradle is about 3,7 cm deep and the edges are painted so that it looks good with or without a frame on the wall. Ready to hang.

The price includes the original price plus a 5% art fee, as required by Norwegian law.

Symbolism of the artwork "Inner wisdom"

This owl painting is about inner wisdom—the kind that connects you to something much bigger when you take a moment to listen to yourself. Owls can represent knowledge and insight, and in this painting, a galaxy swirls from within him, symbolising the vast source of understanding that lies within us.

When you see the galaxy within the owl, think of it as the inner voice we often overlook. It's about filtering out the external noise and tuning into that quiet, internal guidance that's always been there. This painting serves as a reminder that by trusting your intuition, you can access a deeper wisdom that links you to a greater universe.